What is Elite Events & Tickets you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

My name is Miranda, and I am the Franchise Facilitator for Elite. If you are confused by that title, don’t worry. I was, too, at first! 😀 Basically, it means that I help promote the franchise and assist our amazing franchisees with anything they may need. Seriously! You name it, and I help!! I guess I should tell you a little bit about me before I get too far in. 

Here goes….. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for just over 14 years and we have 3 boys, and our oldest will be a freshman in high school this year!😲 We are from Harlem, a small town just outside of Augusta, GA, where our corporate office is located. My husband and I graduated from Harlem High School and are continuing the tradition with our boys. You will find that I stay crazy busy as they are all 3 involved in something! Our oldest is in the marching band, our middle schooler plays football, as well as our youngest. My husband and I stay very involved in all that our kids do so we put in a lot of volunteer work! But that’s enough about me. Let’s get to the reason you are here. You want to know more about Elite and how to buy your own franchise!

Elite Events & Tickets is a 3 part company that allows you the freedom to work wherever you want! Are you even more curious about it? Good! We began with two people: our CEO, Kevin, and Hospitality Coordinator, Katelin.  We provided transportation for a local event that you may know a little about….The Masters! Kevin and Katelin were able to grow their business into what it is today, FULL HOSPITALITY! As we grew and found homeowners that were willing to rent their homes out for the week, Kevin got to know Aaron, our COO. 

Aaron was able to bring a new realm of knowledge regarding TICKETS. He and Kevin slowly began our ticketing process taking Elite Events to Elite Events & Tickets. As the company began to flourish, we had an ace in the hole with Kevin’s wife, Olivia. She was growing a company, as well! Olivia loves Disney and traveling! You name it. Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, Sandals, Beaches, Royal Caribbean…you get the idea. When she and Kevin became parents, she was presented an opportunity to work from home as a travel agent. After years of teaching, she made the difficult decision to do just that! Now she is VP of Travel for Elite Events & Tickets where she books trips for clients and helps our talented team of travel agents grow their businesses. 

Now that you know a little bit about us, what do you think? Does it sound interesting? Of course it does! Who doesn’t want to work huge sporting events, get the best tickets, or see the world? Are you one of those people? If so, send us a message so we can talk. We would love to have you on the team! 

Stay tuned for another energizing post!!! 

Bye y’all!